• Who can spit a pit the furthest?

  • There is always fun in the orchard :)
  • Romantic Date!

  • Bring your honey for a romantic date in the orchard.
  • Lasting memories in the orchard


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Who can spit a pit the furthest?

There is always fun in the orchard :) Sign Up for the Orchard Report

Romantic Date!

Bring your honey for a romantic date in the orchard. Sign Up for the Orchard Report

Lasting memories in the orchard

Sign Up for the Orchard Report

Orchard Report

  • Time to Hunker Down & Some Holiday Shopping Ideas

    Cherries - At this time of year, our cherry trees are finishing the process of taking up the last of the nutrients from the soil. We've planted our cover crop and are kindly asking mother nature to provide us plenty of cold days and sufficient rain so that the trees can fully rest during the winter. To hold your taste buds until next year we have released our Cherry Balsamic Vinegar. A perfect complement for your holiday cooking.

    Olives - Lodi Blooms is expanding into growing Olive Trees for Olive Oil. The industry has been rewarded with a bountiful crop here in California, a relief from a down year in 2018.

    Our own olive oil production is a few years away and in anticipation, we have established a relationship with a premier partner to supply our brand with high-quality olive oil and cherry Balsamic Vinegar that meets the quality and flavor I trust for the Lodi Blooms brand. They have specially bottled their delicious Taggiasca variety olive oil. It has fantastic richness, hardly any bitterness, and elegant notes of almonds, pine nuts, and just a touch of spice at the finish. Perfect as a finishing oil for seafood or vegetables, without overpowering their taste.

    We look forward to seeing you in the orchard in the spring! - James Chinchiolo, 4th Generation Farmer

    Lodi Blooms Orchard Oil

  • Cherry Season is Well Under Way!

    The season is well underway, and our Coral Champaign variety is in its prime and is being enjoyed by many! Come out right away to pick yours before the Corals become overripe. The warmer temperatures we are experiencing now will accelerate the maturity of all varieties. I expect the Bings and Tulares will be ready middle to late next week (June 5th through 8th). To enhance your U-Pick experience we have added Wednesday and are going to be open an hour earlier (9 am) on Saturday and Sunday. We added more parking, as well.

    We look forward to seeing you in the orchard soon!
    Mom and Daughter Picking
  • Sunny Days Ahead!

    The cherries are ripe, plump, sweet and ready to be picked.  We are SO ready to open and share the cherries with you all.  GRAND OPENING is this Friday from 11am to 5pm.  We will also be open Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

    Yes, the rain has presented us with a bit of a challenge.  To learn more watch what I had to say Monday during an interview with FOX40.


    Sun is Shining!


Lodi Blooms Location

11560 N Lower Sacramento Rd, Lodi, CA 95242



Check this website, FB, IG or Twitter often because Mother Nature is in charge and our open days / hours may change.

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Everyone was super helpful and friendly!  There were SO MANY cherry trees to pick from, I definitely will be coming again!

Jasmine Lopez (Review From Google)

Heard about Lodi Blooms on the news this morning.  We drove out this afternoon and had a great time!  The cherries taste so good and the staff there were very helpful and super nice!  Great day, we look forward to coming back soon!

Lisa Rohrer (Comment From Facebook)

Selfishly I want to keep you guys a secret because I love your Coral cherries so much I don't want all of [them] to be gone when we go back (picked 45lbs so far within 1 wk span) BUT everyone I shared the cherries with are so impressed that they want to know where I got it from 😊 so by word of mouth, I have shared the hidden gem that you guys are! #1Fan here 🙋🏻‍♀️

Marineil Abner (Comment From Instagram)