The Farmers

4 Generations of farming

1st generation farmer, James Joseph Chinchiolo immigrated from Palermo, Italy to the East Coast (Massachusetts) around 1912 as a fruit dealer.  He founded the Chinchiolo Fruit Company in 1918 with his brother.  Before the depression, The Chinchiolo Fruit Company began growing juice grapes, figs, celery, cherries, and pears.  James Joseph Chinchiolo - Portrait
2nd generation farmer, 
Francis James Chinchiolo, In 1947 became an owner in the Chinchiolo Fruit Company.
James Francis Chinchiolo - Portrait
3rd generation farmer, Thomas Patrick Chinchiolo in 1980 started his permanent career in farming. He joined the Chinchiolo Fruit Company and also became involved in walnut farming.  In 1990 Thomas Patrick Chinchiolo became a part owner of Chinchiolo Fruit Company.
Thomas Partrick Chinchiolo
4th generation farmer, James Patrick Chinchiolo started working in farming at a very young age and took responsibility for the family farming operations in 2017.  In 2019, James Patrick Chinchiolo purchased the cherry orchard now named Lodi Blooms.
James Chinchiolo