Coral Champagne
Coral Champagne

Coral Champagne

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The Coral Champagne cherry is now one of the most popular cherries on the market! This large and beautiful cherry, with its glossy skin and dark flesh, just bursts with flavor! If you know and love the Bing cherry, the Coral Champagne will win your heart with the first bite

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Blooms offers the highest quality and most premium cherries! In the world of agriculture, this is typically referred to as "export-quality" fruit. In other words...we offer the largest, juiciest, most-firm, and delicious cherries available! Grown locally, at our farm in Lodi, and in conjunction with quality farmers in Washington, Bloom cherries are masterfully cultivated with knowledge rooted in generations of cherry farming experience. All of our cherries are picked at the peak of freshness and taste.